远大前程读后感英文版  With so many famous masterpieces on the booklist, it is really a pretty hard job to choose  one to read first. After much hesitation and deeply thought, I finally decided to borrow  Great Expectations from the small library.  Great Expectations is about love, family, and rejection as Pip and Miss Havisham have both  been rejected in certain ways. Pip is a boy around 13 years old, easy to fright, and goes  through his life suffering lots of sadness. He is in love with a girl named Estella and wants  her to find his love, but for him being shy and not showing himself to her, it makes it very  hard for him.  Great Expectations was the penultimate novel completed by the most popular novelist of  Victorian England, Charles Dickens. Born in Kent, England, in 1812 to a family of modest  means but great pretensions, Dickens’s early life was marked by both humiliation and  ambition. Dickens never forgot the period of financial crisis during his childhood, when  following his father’s bankruptcy, he was taken out of school and forced to work in a  shoepolish warehouse.  Pip meets an escaped convict, Magwitch, and gives him food, in an encounter that is to  haunt both their lives.  When Pip receives riches from a mysterious benefactor he snobbishly abandons his friends  for London society and his“great expectations”。  I set up my mind to select it for the reason that I have read a brief introduction of this  masterpiece in my high school English textbook before. In addition, a Tale of Two Cities  which is also written by Charles Dickens, the outstanding and special English writer, left me  a wonderful and deep impression, when I finished reading the marvelous story.  Of course, Great Expectations didn’t let me down, either. What’s more, the whole structure  of the novel is well and elaborately designed. The plot is extremely attractive and full of  unexpected twists. Quite a few characters have a distinguishable personality. Moreover, those  words and sentences are so beautiful and meaningful that I even took them down carefully in  my notebook. By reading them no less than three times, I have learned not only some new  phrases and sentences, but also a philosophy of life.  Among the characters, which impressed me most are not Pip and Estella who should be regarded  as the leading roles, but Joe and Magwitch. I feel awfully sorry that I was not brave enough  to read the original edition that is as thick as a brick. Otherwise, I may appreciate Joe and  Magwitch more. Yes, they are not the main characters in the novel. However, what they said  and what they did deeply touched me. It’s interesting, isn’t it? They are quite the  opposite guys. One is a totally good man without the least bit of wickedness while the other  is a prisoner who is believed to have committed every evil.  I believe that everyone who reads the book is to like Joe. When he talked about his heavy  drinking father who hit him a lot, he said he had a lot of love. Faced with his rude wife, he  would rather seem a bit weak or foolish than stand up to her and fight for himself. Knowing  peacockish Pip was ashamed of his uneducated manners, he left sadly and quietly. The world  rushes on over the strings of the lingering heart making the music of sadness. But when he  was informed of Pip’s illness, he immediately came to take good care of Pip. He is always  contributing everything and requiring nothing. Such a man is Joe, kind, tolerant and  selfless. "Nothing is so mild and gentle as courage, nothing so cruel and pitiless as  cowardice," says a wise author.  However, why do I appreciate Magwitch, the bad guy? You may wonder. Indeed, Magwitch did a  lot of evil things when he was young. But how can you be unmoved when you get to know that  the old man kept himself going just by thinking of the boy who once did him a small favor?  He lost his only daughter and Pip had no parents, so he considered himself as the boy’s  second father, making up his mind to help his dear boy became a gentleman. He did every kind  of job and led a hard life in Australia. At last he made a big fortune and promised himself  that all the money would go to Pip. He could have led a better life in Australia ,but Ihe  chose to go back to London .with the simple intention of seeing Pip, he went back at the risk  of being hanged! “whatever the fault he had from the start, remember, reader, he had a good  heart.” Joe used these words to describe his father. But I think these words can better  describe Magwitch. He lived with the fear of death all his life. Who shuts love out, in turn  shall be shut out from love. However, thankfully, because Pip finally realized his good  heart, his ending was peaceful.  Dickens has Pip as the writer and first person narrator of this account of his life's  experiences, and the entire story is understood to have been written as a retrospective,  rather than as a present tense narrative or a diary or journal. Still, though Pip "knows" how  all the events in the story will turn out, he uses only very subtle foreshadowing so that we  learn of events only when the Pip in the story does. Pip does, however, use the perspective  of the bitter lessons he's learned to comment acidly on various actions and attitudes in his  earlier life.  I know how to fully understand this novel, twice is far from enough. Pip, Estella, Miss  Havisham, Biddy even Mr Wemmick, every single character has a story that is well worth my  attention. I love this novel so much that I am determined to read the original edition one  day. Believe me. But before that day comes, I will see the movie Great Expectations first.  Search for knowledge, read more, sit on your front porch and admire the view without paying  attention to your needs.
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